Princess Blue must have had a roaring good time! Queen Bey and Jay Z’s only child Blue Ivy got the royal treatment when she turned 2 years old on Jan. 7. Her famous parents rented out Jungle Island, a wildlife park and botanical garden in Miami, Fla. See more pics of Blue Ivy, here.

During the fun and rainy outing, the birthday girl donned a green ensemble and sneakers. She also borrowed Beyonce’s “Flawless” gold necklace (a nod to the feminist anthem of the same name on her titular fifth album) that the megastar, 32, posed with via Instagram on Dec. 30. The 44-year-old rapper went casual in an oversized sweatshirt, while the “XO” songstress dressed down in a “Surfboard” sweatshirt while swiping her chestnut locks back in a knit cap. Surfboard is a reference to Beyonce’s raunchy-romanctic “Drunk In Love” song, which features a rap from Jay Z himself. Click here for more pictures from their magical day out. After the adventure, the trio headed to Joey’s Italian Cafe for a bite to eat. The family sat at a large round table and ordered pizza. At one point, Jay Z even gave Blue a cell phone when she began to fuss, asking her to “say thank you” first. And she did!

“It was really cute,” an eyewitness tells Us Weekly. “They’re such fun and attentive parents and pretty normal people considering how famous they are. There weren’t many people around and maybe one photographer outside but the restaurant closed the shade so the photographer couldn’t see in. It allowed them to have a pretty normal lunch.”

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